Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The winner of last week is Abdul!!! Congradulations! Email me at for more information!

Theme of this week: Horror

When I awoke, I glanced around a the dingy room I was in. My feet and hands were tied to the chair I was sitting in, and I could see a large mass on the floor. The mass was laying in a growing pool of blood, and as I began to panic I realized it was a man. Really frightened I began to yank at the chains binding my wrist, but just felt the hard, cold metal dig into my skinny wrist. Suddenly I heard a----

Friday, July 20, 2012

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Monday, July 16, 2012


The winner has been chosen and notified! thank you for playing, and have fun entering this weeks contest for another chance to win! The winner was Nell!!!! :D

Theme of this week: Depression

I stared at the man I loved, lying on the floor. His face was unrecognizable and blood masked everything around him. My hand was still in his as the robber jumped threw a window and away from our house. I was just barely holding on, not wanting to let him, or myself go as my eyes fluttered ever so slowly. I could no longer feel my legs and I could hear a dull, sharp, throb every couple of seconds, which had to be my heart. Then, against my will I slipped into the darkness more devastated then ever. When I awoke I could hear monitors beeping and the sound of a motor somewhere humming softly. My room was dim and-

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Theme for this week: Romance

The theme is Romance, wake up those cobwelled filled roses in your head and smell the sweet scent as you create a story that yanks a small bit on that soulmate chain covered in gold!!!!! <3

I stared into their eyes and only saw love and wonder. They had beautiful eyes, a blue-green that could only be compared to the ocean. As I closed my eyes I felt a tingling in my heart, and I knew it was because I was beside them. They reached their hand ever so slowely and entertwined their fingers with mine. A slow, satisfied smile crept across my face and suddenly, without any warning their lips were warm and tender on mine. I kissed back with a roaring passion until------

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Comments/advice for blog?

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Theme of this week: Action

I woke up with a headache and a dull banging in my ears. Last night had been intense, and if I didn't calm it down; I was in for some serious pain. I sat up gingerly feeling each muscle coil up and then relax. Sitting on my bed I realized how eerily quiet it was in my apartment. Something wasn't right. Suddenly a loud obnoxious wail sounded------

How to do it!

Okay, So this blog is a fun, interacting blog where you must continue the story! I will give you a theme of each week, and start a story off. This is where you come in! Comment and continue the story using the last word of the last part of the story posted. For example, If the last sentence of my (Or fellow follower) is: And then she walked toward- then you must comment and say: toward...the wall of fire! and continue the story! this is a fun thing to do when you are bored! lets see where people's minds take us and how differently people think! At the end of the week I will choose a random winner of who posted the most creative comment and I will advertise their blog until the next winner is chosen! If the winner does not have a blog, I will then compromise a prize with them! You may comment more than once with different parts of the story, but please do not post more than a paragraph!Please finish your post MID-SENTENCE! No foul language, or commenting with just words that are not the story, this confuses people, as much as we love your words! Have fun, and enjoy!