Thursday, July 5, 2012

Comments/advice for blog?

Post your comments /advice here!!!! :D


  1. For comments/advice, I recommend using UseVoice: and then add either a link or a page dedicated for feedback. Either that or create a Google Group:

  2. hi ! I love the Idea and the thought about this! :D I think its really cool and I think you really made a great job here! Will keep on dropping cu :)

    It have been a long search, far away in the land of bloggs all seamed the same boring as usual, until A sweet smell of honey caught my attention.... it was, something never saw quite like it a small blog...I got closer to it and.........

  3. I suggest you try a template from :

    They are free and really beautiful.


    1. Sorry, when I see this disposition it was too late.

      Here is the same apart than before, it is better when it there are plenty of it than when there is a lack of it :):

      ""(Apart) This events seem not in line with the rules of the "exquisite cadavers" (as this literary form is called) since there are many loose ends not relative to the main stream of the plot, or if the idea was to make them part of the argument, they are so far from the main events, which are not many, that looks as if forced into it. I am talking about the generally out of way the genders are treated. This is only my idea, not the sacred opinion of a celebrated Literary genius, of course!) :))""