Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Theme of this week: Horror

When I awoke, I glanced around a the dingy room I was in. My feet and hands were tied to the chair I was sitting in, and I could see a large mass on the floor. The mass was laying in a growing pool of blood, and as I began to panic I realized it was a man. Really frightened I began to yank at the chains binding my wrist, but just felt the hard, cold metal dig into my skinny wrist. Suddenly I heard a----

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  1. loud scream of agonizing pain coming from the wall on the far right. My heart started to beat faster, I was shaking. As the scream stopped, I could hear muffled cries and voices of people talking and laughing behind the wall. I forced myself to move closer, hoping to hear something through the cracks in the wall but I tripped and fell with the chair I was tied up to. My head hit hard on the floor. As I groaned in pain, I heard footsteps walking towards...