Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to do it!

Okay, So this blog is a fun, interacting blog where you must continue the story! I will give you a theme of each week, and start a story off. This is where you come in! Comment and continue the story using the last word of the last part of the story posted. For example, If the last sentence of my (Or fellow follower) is: And then she walked toward- then you must comment and say: toward...the wall of fire! and continue the story! this is a fun thing to do when you are bored! lets see where people's minds take us and how differently people think! At the end of the week I will choose a random winner of who posted the most creative comment and I will advertise their blog until the next winner is chosen! If the winner does not have a blog, I will then compromise a prize with them! You may comment more than once with different parts of the story, but please do not post more than a paragraph!Please finish your post MID-SENTENCE! No foul language, or commenting with just words that are not the story, this confuses people, as much as we love your words! Have fun, and enjoy!

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