Monday, July 16, 2012

Theme of this week: Depression

I stared at the man I loved, lying on the floor. His face was unrecognizable and blood masked everything around him. My hand was still in his as the robber jumped threw a window and away from our house. I was just barely holding on, not wanting to let him, or myself go as my eyes fluttered ever so slowly. I could no longer feel my legs and I could hear a dull, sharp, throb every couple of seconds, which had to be my heart. Then, against my will I slipped into the darkness more devastated then ever. When I awoke I could hear monitors beeping and the sound of a motor somewhere humming softly. My room was dim and-


  1. machines were lit up everywhere, humming, beeping, feverishly working against the odds, trying to keep me alive. The room didn't appear to be in a hopital but some sort of an underground chamber. Initially groggy, disoriented and bit confused, reality gradually set in, and I remembered what had happened. Where was Kevin? Was he alive? In a shrill cry, I called out

  2. for help. There was no answer. My world is upside down, literally. I happen to be strapped to a wall, with tubes and wires attached to my body. Each leading to different machines functioning to keep me alive for some reason. I cried for help twice more and that is when ---